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Recently I wanted to test the new opportunity not new though because this things have started almost ten years back but I did not paid or got interested…but now thought to delve into the situation to see what is going on and present my readers some actual good information about bitcoing world and earning bitcoins.

Earn Bitcoin, Bitcoin mining, Bitcoin cloud mining, Fast Bitcoin, double your bitcoin, multiply bitcoins , 1 bitcoin daily, are a few search phrases i come accross and common since few days as i wanted to go for digging the bitcoin thing and what is there for us the free money makers .

At the start I joined two very promising and almost everywhere seen sites like bitluna and infinity traffic boost joined both of them worked for almost two months to get the results that is SCAM.. no one paid and more over I lost my investment at Bitluna.

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Here is my bit of experience with Infinity Traffic Boost program which was launched with much ado and as it looked promising and I also like many others searching for Bitcoin income joined this site with a hope to get some earning, as this program was promising money for free surfers too as poor shares and income from that everyday . You get one share for surfing 10 websites from site back office and maximum 100 sites can be surfed for 10 shares .

I did surf every day earned surfing shares and waited to reach the minimum payout limit of 0.00010000 bitcoin and when earned more than that was hoping a successful payment to my bitcoin wallet.. but to my dismay nothing happened and I initially thought there may be some cause but even after getting near to 0.00050000 of bitcoin I have got no payment. I created a support ticket but got no good satisfictory reply neither my problem got resolved…I today removing their old review article posted here as I was hoping good with this program so did a little promotion…but now do not think so, and will cease to work with this unless get paid and I also see it risky to invest.. though the plus point is if you are requiring some visits to your designated websites and ready to go with paid advertising it is ok without hoping any return on your investment…because I think your sites will be getting some real visitors and no bots…

If you like getting free honest information like this do me a favour joining the free program which can make you $3145 a month and it is totally free to join no investing required until you have money to fish in….I will share my experiences and details with you once you in the team including the steps to earn and strategies you can follow. Visit the page easy$3000a month page to join.

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One Plus 3t december dash scam…

I think this is yet another time I got fooled online and I do not accusing anyone because this happened only because of my own wish to get something for free and that is a featured mobile phone one plus 3t and see the contest was official with high responses and I too joined many others to get my hand on the same…but see this whole thing is a game to get free publicity…I did not qualify for the mobile phone as did not got the number of joining under me but qualified for another product for which I placed order and paid the amount and became happy that atleast I am getting something for rupees one and waited for the delivery for the same…but sometime after got a mail that my refund request is accepted and money refunded to my account though I did not made the request ithas for sure been done by the site owners themselves and when I made a support request nothing came so I can for sure say this is a gimmick do not get over whelmed and spend any money on these contest neither help this kind of cheap companies to play on the sentiments of common people to gain publicity saving their money when they are doing business.

here is a photo of my order being done…

oneplus3torderI have darkened the address line for a little privacy…I hope readers understand. For this order I paid within time as well. I got the refund main on Jan 5 2017 and I was first surprised but within minutes I got what happened…so this is for u all readers beware…It is noway harmful to be skeptical or warry about things…

Dear  Anjali Behera,

Your refund request for following transaction is being processed
and the money should reflect in your account within 5-7 business days.

Transaction ID: OPS0496039816123006537
Refund Amount 1.00
Merchant: www.oneplusstore.in

Please quote your reference id: 3916528682 for any future communication.

Thanks and Regards,
PayU on behalf of www.oneplusstore.in

got this mail but after ward no response …which speaks about all happened.

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